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About us

My dog likes to bite stuff. If I am not with him, he will bite whatever he can find. One day I left him alone and I forget his new harness on the table, worth telling it was expensive. I came back home, and the harness was destroyed. 

The leash was probably the cheapest one around, as I put all my money into the harness.
But guess what? It didn’t last for a week.

That’s when I set the first rule. No more expensive nor very cheap products.  

Still a lot of products to choose from, right? That’s when we decided to launch this page! To have the products approved by my own dog, according to our own rules.

We had one part of our brand name; Rules.
The other part was simple; our family name is Rubio.

Every product has to fit at least the following rules: 

Useful   It has to be useful for my dog.
Low price 💳
I want it at a good price. 
Quality 🥇 
I want it to last.
Safe  👍 
Only safe products of course.

📆 You’ll see daily new rules on our Instagram, and our rules for products are always evolving. This means we could be stricter before adding any new product. Here’s where your input can make the difference, so let us know, what are your rules? Which product would you like to see in our shop?